1. Anna P. on 9/13/2013 said

    I have only used City Auto for my road test but it was perfect. I got James, – he was funny, patient and helpful. We arrived at the test site 10 minutes prior to the test so I could practice in the area. Not sure I would have passed without that help because we went over everything that was needed for the test, and sure enough all I was tested for all those steps in the same intersections. So yay!

  2. Angelique N. on 3/21/2013 said

    Good value for money (I got the 10-lessons+road test package). Convenient location, right by Broadway station on the red line, and they pick you up from there if you ask. Every instructor I had was punctual, friendly, calm and very helpful. They were good at explaining techniques, correcting me where necessary, answering questions, checking that I knew certain specifics e.g. how to turn on the high beam, and asking me if there was something in particular that I wanted to work on.

    For booking lessons and the road test you have to call the school (and if you email, they’ll tell you to call), and the receptionists are fairly competent and efficient (although sometimes a little abrupt in manner). It makes sense to book the road test through the school even if you know how to drive and don’t take lessons with them, because as a driving school they get priority for booking road test slots.

    Overall, this school made learning to drive and getting the license a straightforward affair. I would definitely recommend them.

  3. Aditya P. on 7/15/2010 said

    1st star – for giving me an appointment just two days before my road test.

    2nd star – for the price: cheaper than other schools in the Boston/Cambridge. $ 28 for 45 min practice and $ 100 for road test sponsorship.

    3rd star – for turning up on time.

    4th star – for Mr. Jonathan: the driving instructor who was relaxed and helped me lose my pre-road test stress.

    5th star – because my I passed my road test!!