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Welcome to City Auto School

City Auto School, licensed by the RMV, is one of the largest Chinese driving schools in Boston, and serves the greater Boston area. It provides higher quality, more convenient and comprehensive driver education courses, which are also lower priced to benefit various customers. Since September 1998, our company has been quite successful in serving customer needs, and the China Tower community. Safety and its awareness are our priority.

10 CLASSES + 1 ROAD TEST: $580
15 CLASSES + 1 ROAD TEST: $800
20 CLASSES + 1 ROAD TEST: $980
(There are no refunds after a course or class has started.)
1.Fast Road Test Price :$130 ( Driving package included one time regular road test, wait time about two months,  if you want early schedule pay extra $20 more, the wait time about two week. )

2.Does not include RMV fees: $50 for License and $35 for each Road Test

3.Quick/Alternative/Off Hour road test: $150 ( If Specify Teacher, Test Location, and within one week)

4.Regular Road Test Price: $100( about 2 months)