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Road Test

1. Regular road test price : $100  (about two months)

2. Road Test Price : $130  (about two weeks)

3. Does not include RMV fees: $50 for License and $35 for each Road Test

4. Weekend Road Test: $150If Specify Teacher, Test Location, and within one week)

Quick / Alternative / Off Hour Road Test: 2-3 Weeks wait time
* All road tests include: Scheduling fee, sponsor, car and RMV examiner;
(Does not include RMV fees: $50 for license and $35 for each road test)

* Weekday Road Tests are available from 1-2 weeks in Watertown, Braintree and Lynn Location from 9am – 4pm.

* All weekday road tests must be cancelled 2 weeks before the road test date, or the students will forfeit their road test fee and be charged a $35 fee by the RMV.

* Weekend Road Test are available from 2-3 weeks at the Dorchester location, You must schedule with City Auto School 2-3 weeks in advance for your weekend road test, There is a no cancellation policy for weekend road tests,after they have been scheduled, or else students will forfeit their road test fee and be charged a $35 fee by the RMV.

* To cancel a road test, you must give 72 hours notice.
If not, students will forfeit the road test fee, and be charged $35 (for a new road test) by RMV. City Auto School will also charge a $120 fee.

* Road Test Fee: $35 – 5-years driver’s license either sole- or full-licensed: $85.
These fees must be paid to RMV before you are issued a driver’s license.

* These fees must also be paid prior to the road test.
We are requiring a 72-hour cancellation notice for the driving test; cancellation can be made only during our office hours: ( If not, our school will charge in full for your road test fee.)

Monday – Sunday 9:30AM – 5:00PM, and by calling 617-269-6288.

* We Accept Cash or Check ,No Credit Card.